Abhimanyu Pallavi Sudhir

This is the official website of Abhimanyu Pallavi Sudhir. I am a second-year undergraduate at Imperial College, London, studying the G103 (Mathematics, 4YFT MSci) course (Sep 2018 - Jun 2022). A link to my LinkedIn profile is provided in the footer – on that note, you should follow my unified feed for The Winding Number and my Stack Exchange posts.

Or you may choose to navigate the sidebar for information about my math research and publication list, descriptions of some projects I started, a gallery of some code I've written and other things I find interesting. The "Education" page also lists some awards I've received, courses I've taken and stuff I've submitted for school projects. Here's a link to my Curriculum vitae: pdf.

If you want to contact me, do so at my personal email provided in the footer.

This is what I look like (at least in the domain of convergence of the approximation):